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World Languages Department

Robert J. Wottawa II, Ed.D.

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The Regents Exams May Return

Dec. 15, 2016

We are extremely pleased to announce that recently, the Board of Regents approved a number of items in their 2017-2018 budget proposal, which includes the funding to restore the Regents exams for world languages. Though the legislature and the governor will have the final say, this is a victory for our profession, but more importantly, for the children in New York State.

FLACS and other organizations had conversations with the NYSED Office of Bilingual Education and World Languages about which assessments to restore. The NYSED decided to restore the Checkpoint B Exams in order to use those exams as a pathway (4+1) exam for graduation purposes. If the legislature and governor approve of the funding and the Regents exams for world languages are restored, please know that FLACS will support the NYSED Office of Bilingual Education and World Languages in any way we can to ensure a smooth transition. FLACS will continue to create the Checkpoint A Exams and any of the Checkpoint B assessments that are not currently on the list to be restored by NYSED. At a time when the NYSED eliminated our exams, FLACS mobilized to maintain standards, but more importantly, to ensure that our learners were provided with quality assessments. We have evolved over time to become the largest consortium in New York State to create assessments in Chinese, French, German, Italian and Spanish. We are proud of our work, but more importantly, we are proud of the world language teachers and administrators who continue to develop items for our assessments on a yearly basis.

FLACS would like to thank Lissette Colon-Collins, assistant commissioner of OBE and WL, for her leadership and collaboration on this important issue that impacts our profession and learners. We also thank the Board of Regents for their support of world languages; their unanimous vote to include funding in their budget to restore our Regents exams reaffirms their commitment to the children of New York State. New York State is one of the most culturally and linguistically diverse states in the nation, and our learners deserve quality assessments in a language other than English. The FLACS Board encourages the legislature and governor to support the NYSED budget proposal that includes the restoration of Regents exams for world languages.


The Executive Board, FLACS

Sunday, March 18, 2018