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East Islip School District Continuity of Instruction Plan
Due to Extended School Closing


Grading Update in Response to COVID-19

Update to Continuity Instructional Plan

April 10, 2020

Beginning April 20 all lessons will be fully accessible as follows:

At the elementary level, (K-5), classroom teachers will utilize Google Classroom. Physical Education, Library and Art/Music activities will be accessible through Google Classroom on a weekly basis as well.  More information will be made available by your classroom teacher and /or building administrator moving forward. 

At the secondary level, (6-12) , teachers will be using either Google Classroom or Microsoft Teams. Many of our teachers and students have already been using these platforms; therefore, we anticipate an easier transition for our families.   

Teachers will be available to support student learning remotely while we are mandated to stay home.   Teachers will provide responses in a timely manner and use digital tools, as well as traditional tools, to connect with students and parents. Teachers will continue to provide learning opportunities for their students as long as our schools remain closed.   

We truly appreciate your patience and support. During these challenging times, families are all dealing with multiple issues and overall feelings of isolation. Our goal is to provide instruction and support as best we can. All we expect is our students to make their best effort knowing full well there are greater concerns behind each and every door.  

At this time, our lessons are designed to provide stability, learning and a diversion. If you are feeling overwhelmed, simply notify the teacher or administrator as the last thing we want to do is create more stress.

East Islip’s Instructional Plan-(Updated April 10, 2020)




  Monday-April 13


Scheduled Lessons-16

  Tuesday-April 14


Scheduled Lessons -17

Wednesday-April 15


Scheduled Lessons-18

 Thursday-April 16


Scheduled Lessons-19

  Friday-April 17


Scheduled Lessons-20

  Monday-April 20 until return

        New temporary school day

Remember to visit the district Continuity of Instruction Plan and should you have technical difficulties please contact our help desk via email @

If you have any academic questions, please contact your building principal, Mr. Manzo @ or Dr. Belz @

Any other questions, please contact- or

Stay away from each other so:
East Islip United Apart will return stronger than ever
Red will rise bigger, brighter
And soar higher than ever
E.I. Pride Forever

The district has prepared meaningful assignments that are available for our students in case of a potential school closing. This situation is fluid and we will keep everyone informed as information becomes available. These activities have been selected for the students to reinforce their academic skills. Students will have easy access to the different websites via CLASSLINK. The attached document will provide information by grade level.


CLASSLINK Access: (Click here for Directions)
Click here for instructions on how to install Office on your home device
iPad compatibility with East Islip School Applications
For technical issues, please contact


Office 365 is Available for Students
Students should be checking their East Islip Outlook email.
How does my child access his/her account?

* Use the O365 link from the school website and find outlook
* or Click on the Office 365 Suite APP in ClassLink
* or Open a web browser. Go to
Login using this format:
Username is: example:
Password is: firstnameInitial+lastnameinitial+StudentID example: jd123456


In response to the COVID-19/Coronavirus pandemic, Altice USA and Spectrum has taken several steps to ensure that Americans within the communities we serve have reliable access to high-speed broadband connectivity to keep them connected to the people, information, and resources they rely on. Please access the two links for information that may be helpful to you.


Connetquot Elementary School Grades K-2


Timber Point Elementary Grades K-2


Ruth C. Kinney Elementary School Grades 3-5


John F. Kennedy Elementary School Grades 3-5


East Islip Middle School


East Islip High School


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