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Board Business Meeting on Sept. 27


The Board of Education will hold its next regular business meeting on Thursday, Sept. 27 at 8 p.m downstairs at the Early Childhood Center at 1 Craig B. Gariepy Ave. in Islip Terrace. The community is invited to attend.


Sixth-Graders Get Oriented

Sixth-Graders Get Oriented at the Middle School
Two days before school officially began, incoming sixth-graders at the middle school walked into their new school for Sept. 4 orientation. Accompanied by family and older siblings, the students at the acclimating event met teachers, set up their lockers and walked their schedules, getting prepped for the beginning of the year.

A New Year of Learning Starts

A New Year of Learning Starts
A New Year of Learning Starts 2
A New Year of Learning Starts 3

From the high school and middle school to Connetquot, JFK, RCK and Timber Point elementary schools, East Islip students arrived back in classes on a warm Sept. 6, enjoying a terrific first day of school to start the educational year.

“Despite the incredible heat, the middle school students returned with great enthusiasm for the new school year,” said Principal William Brennen.

“JFK students enthusiastically started the new school year,” said Principal Deborah Smith. “Smiles and laughter once again filled the hallways as we welcomed our new third-graders as well as the returning fourth- and fifth-grade students. We look forward to all the wonderful learning that will take place this year.”






Brennen Named Middle School Principal

William Brennen

William Brennen was recently named East Islip Middle School principal, replacing Mark Bernard, who moved to the high school. Brennen, who had served as principal at East Islip High School for the past nine years, earned his administrative diploma from Queens College.

“I am looking forward to working with the middle school staff to ensure that all students realize their full potential,” said Brennen.

Middle School Sewing Star

Middle School Sewing Star

Middle school student Stephanie Landaverde is proud of her newfound ability to sew pillows and clothing and design new scarves.

Landeverde, who will attend eighth grade this fall, began to learn how to sew in her family and consumer science class during the last school year. She enjoyed it so much that her parents bought her a Brother sewing machine, which she brought to school daily. Landeverde met with her FACS teacher, Patricia Emmons Fritz, before school and after school to enhance her impressive sewing skills and help her to create more pillows and scarves. She also assisted other students with their sewing projects. 

“Once you start something that you enjoy, you should continue doing it,” said Landeverde of her sewing.

“It is such a pleasure to see a young student who has learned the skills of sewing and cooking in her family and consumer science classroom, and now spends time at home practicing her art and learning new skills that will help her in the future,” said FACS director Israel Malinowitzer.

Sharing Stories at Challenge Day

Sharing Sories at Challenge Day

East Islip held a three-day Challenge Day event this year at both the high school and middle school, opening the hearts and minds of the students and adult volunteers who took part in the programs for an hour each day. Each day, 100 students and 25 adults were divided into groups of four students and one adult, joining in activities, sharing their stories and learning to be less judgmental.

“The program was a huge success, and after experiencing it, the consensus from everyone present was that Challenge Day did more for people in our schools than any assembly or event ever had,” said Guidance Director Israel Malinowitzer. “The event allowed people to feel free to express themselves in such a short amount of time, and once the participants felt good about each other’s company, that’s when we were able to get our stories out to each other and get to the realization that we all have a story, we all have common needs in life, we have all faced adversity, and none of us need to hide behind that anymore because there is someone in the school that is here to listen to us without judgement. I would love to see Challenge Day return every year, and I think if we can make a habit of having our community open their eyes to the experiences of others, then the schools will be safer, kinder, happier places that are free of judgement, ridicule and bullying.”

Sunday, September 23, 2018