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Inaugural STEAM Day Held at ECC

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The East Islip School-Business Partnership held its inaugural STEAM Day in the district’s Early Childhood Center on April 8, attended by hundreds of second and fourth grade students and facilitated by middle and high school students.     

“STEAM Day was designed to give second and fourth grade students an experience that facilitated an interest into the study and possible careers in science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics,” School-Business Partnership coordinator Bridgette Lopiccolo said.

Students attended the event with their classroom teachers and explored robotics, played with art and technology manipulatives, tried their hands at building towers, learned about refraction through photography, watched a drone fly through the ECC, and so much more.

East Islip High School Robotics Club President Zoe Elder assisted with the event as a facilitator.

“It’s important that the students attend this kind of event,” Elder said. “I got into STEAM because of an event like this when I was younger.”

After the students explored the available stations, they gathered to watch two short STEAM videos. There was also a main event, a robotics contest between two teams for all to witness and to pique the interests of the students even further.

Date Added: 4/11/2022

EIMS Presents “High School Musical”

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East Islip Middle School’s theater students presented a remarkable performance of “High School Musical Jr.” on March 11-12.

The stellar cast included Emma Casso as Jack Scott, Nick Lindstrom as Chad Danforth, Nora Mooney as Zeke Baylor, Anderson Ross as Troy Bolton, Kendel Gravano as Sharpay Evans, Eva Daugherty as Ryan Evans, Lauren Winiarski as Gabriella Montez, Alexa Sieklucki as Taylor McKessie, Charlotte Stabile as Martha Cox, Sienna Graber as Kratnoff, Olivia LaBella as Ms. Darbus, Alicia Rios as Coach Bolton, Olivia Primiano as Ms. Tenny, Mackenzie Godbout as Kelsi Nielsen, Aubrey Jonasson as Jamie, Nora Mooney as Susan, Abby Buonincontri as Cathy, Angelina Altamirano as Cyndra and Erin McLoughlin as Moderator.

“It has been truly incredibly to watch our students grow as people and performers over the course of this production,” director Alyssa Tripi said. “Our wonderful performances were a product of their hard work, dedication and talent. We are very proud of them.”

Date Added: 3/25/2022

Thursday, May 19, 2022