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Kindergarten Students Read Over 20,000 Books!

Kindergarten Students Read Over 20,000 Books!

The 1,000 Book Project, a voluntary, read-aloud program which was offered to students in kindergarten in its initial year, has been an amazing success. The heart of the project is to foster a lifelong love of reading, beginning at an early age. To achieve this, Connetqout Elementary School and Timber Point Elementary School both have 100 tote bags with an assortment of 10 books in each bag. At Connetquot, the students who participated read almost 10,000 books, and at Timber Point, the students read over 11,000 books. 

This project would not have been possible without a generous donation from the For the Kids Foundation. Thanks to their continued support, we are purchasing an additional 50 book bags for each of the K-2 buildings and opening the program to our first-grade students. Once again, FTK has committed to promoting academic success for all children in the East Islip School District.  

We would like to highlight the top students from each kindergarten class who read the most books this year. Congratulations to the following:

Abigail Aloisi
John Carlos Benitez
Jayda Demaio
Matthew Kurshuk
Luke Rochford
Matthew Rosand

Timber Point:
Gregory Cavalone
Wesley Fugit
Colby Gravano
Riley Lewis
Olivia Sandberg
Shaine Wood

Student Achievements Recognized

Student Accomplishments Recognized

Superintendent John Dolan recognized the outstanding accomplishments of numerous students and community members during the June 14 Board of Education meeting, including the middle school's Tri-M Music Honor Society, athletic honorees, local veterans, the “If You See Something, Say Something” award winners, and the students and local businesses in the career development program.

Timber Point Second-Graders Are 'On Their Way'

Timber Point Second-Fraders Are 'On Their Way'

At Timber Point, the annual “On Our Way to JFK” celebration on June 13 found 142 second-graders singing together and sharing their dreams for the future as they prepared to move up to third grade.

Music teacher Kathy Carter led the students in performances of “Hello Around the World,” “This Land Is Your Land,” “It’s a Small World” and “Adios, Amigos!”

“There was not a dry eye in the house,” said Principal Danielle Naccarato, “and watching them shine made me feel extremely proud to be their principal.”

Successful Showcase for STEM

Successful Showcase for First STEM Night

In a massive celebration of all things science and technology, the East Islip School District recently hosted its first STEM Night, welcoming more than 200 guests to the East Islip High School to see students from all of the district’s schools promote their work and organizations, including the high school’s and East Islip Middle School’s robotics and STEM Club students, the East Islip National Honor Society, and John F. Kennedy and Ruth C. Kinney elementary schools’ fourth-grade science fair winners, and other fifth-grade elementary STEM students.

Students enrolled in the high school’s Medical & Health Technology Career Academy, AP Capstone program and other scientific research classes showcased the projects they have been working on all year.

Representing East Islip’s K-5 STEM program that began this year, students demonstrated how to build bridges and create towers and skyscrapers with the use of wooden blocks.

The high school’s robotics team members were on hand to show off their newly designed 3D chassis robotic bodies that were created and designed in CAD classes and developed on the 3D printer. Visiting students from all grades were allowed to play with the new robots and learn how to operate them.

Ken White, the operational director of educational management at Brookhaven National Laboratory, served as the keynote speaker.
Additionally, representatives from the East Islip Public Library manned a booth to showcase 3D printing and virtual reality technologies. Students were able to put on the library’s new 3D video viewfinders to virtually visit different places in the world.

“This event was a huge success and the parents and students had a great time learning about STEM and how it will help their children to be successful in their future careers,” said Israel Malinowitzer, East Islip’s technology director, who coordinated the event with Math and Science Director Janet Jones.

“We weren’t really sure if we would have any visitors at our table, but were overwhelmed by the enthusiasm and interest the young people had,” said Jason Terhune of the East Islip Public Library’s computer services department. “We appreciated the opportunity to showcase our public library to the community.”

Friday, July 20, 2018